The Best Speed training & Muscle toning in LA

If you are serious about getting the best Speed & Agility Training or Muscle toning in LA the only man to go to is Nabie Fofanah. He is a two time Olympian that has created 2 revolutionary workout systems: "MIND-MUSCLE-SPEED" and "OLYMPIAN-TONED". "MIND-MUSCLE-SPEED" is an Elite speed & agility training system which is a blend of many components, including exercises Nabie used while Training for 2 Olympics. "OLYMPIAN-TONED" is the most effective body toning and muscle sculpting workout you will ever come across. The best thing about these 2 amazing workouts is that everyone sees amazing results; including individuals of all age, sex, profession, and athletes of all sports as evidenced by the many testimonials.


When I first began sprinting at the age of 18, many coaches discouraged me from pursuing my goal of being an Olympic sprinter. I was very slow, but I was determined with ferocious passion to improve. I wanted to improve very quickly and by huge chunks because I started the sport at a late age. I had to train smarter than everyone else in order to accomplish my goal of making the Olympics. The turning point came when I began to read every book, watch every video and experiment with different speed techniques on myself to see what worked; probably more important was to discovery of what didn’t work. Half the training techniques were outdated and just useless; So I came up with my own training system "MIND-MUSCLE-SPEED" by combining these 3 components:

  • Mental Imagery
  • Intense Central Nervous System Stimulation
  • Strength Training

The results were amazing, I went from a 100 meter time of 11.76 to 11.16 after one year, and dropped it again to 10.57 my second year. The saying "sports is 90 percent mental" is absolutely true and it really applies for speed. Of course there are still many components of speed work that will always be the same, such as:

  • Efficient mechanics
  • Strength training
  • Power Training...etc...

The secrets to what make these 2 training systems so effective are the order of each individual part, the exact timing of rest periods and the highly effective exercises done by Olympians.

Speed is a learned skill that everyone can improve upon; It is true that we all have a genetic ceiling, however 99% of athletes in every sport never come anywhere close to reaching their individual ceiling.

Muscle tone and body sculpting is something that we automatically do as Olympic athletes, this is what my new workout "OLYMPIAN-TONED" is going to do for you as well.

Richard Williams - Model / Actor
I have to say NABIE is by far the (BEST) trainer I ever came across. When I met Nabie at the gym I asked a lot of questions, I was very impressed by his answers. So I hired him to get me ready for the runway in 8 weeks, he changed my body in on 5 weeks ! losing 15pds and getting amazing tone ! that's why he's the BEST !

Denis Han - CPA
I've been training with Nabie for a few months and the difference in my results are night and day. Within about 15 sessions, we were able to drop by 150 meter time by 4 seconds! On top of that, I am impressed by Nabie's knowledge of training methods. I rarely post any testimonials but this guy is the real deal.